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 Last time I introduced you to an LCD display for fireworks viewing at home. Today, I would like to introduce VR goggles. One of the downsides of watching fireworks at home is that they’re a little less powerful. You can only feel the pressure of the fireworks, the sound, and the cheers of the people around you when you are there. By using VR goggles, the power of fireworks can be realized more realistically. The movement of the human head, the position of the human in the video, and the gaze of the human eye are recognized by the tracking function on the goggles, allowing the user to experience the world in the video better.
There are three types of VR goggles. First of all, the goggles for the smartphone. If you want to experience VR with inexpensive goggles, it is recommended to use lightweight type of goggles.If you want the realism of the image, you can enjoy the VR space with a realistic feeling like going to a movie theater if the viewing angle is more than 120 degrees. Also, if you don’t have wireless earphones, you can choose a type that has headphones built into the goggle itself, and it will transmit the power of the sound as it is.
 Next is the goggles for the PC. One of them is a high-end type that can be connected to a PC or game console. It tracks the movement of your hands and body and allows you to grab and move objects and pose them in a virtual space. This allows avatars that reflect your body movements to play in the game, allowing you to take advantage of more scalable PCs and game consoles. The other one is a standalone type. Unlike other types of VR goggles, this type does not use any equipment other than VR goggles, so you can experience VR right away by purchasing only the main body. Since there are no cables or other connections, it is less likely that you will get injured if you move your body in the excitement of VR experience.
 There are several VR goggle manufacturers, but for authentic and high quality goggles, I recommend HTC Vire. You can experience the real VR world with high resolution and position tracking function.


If you’re more concerned about price, the Oculus Rift is the way to go. It has a high resolution and comes with stock headphones, making it a great value for money.

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

If you’re all about resolution, these are headphones with the Windows Mixed Reality platform.The higher resolution will improve your satisfaction.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset with 2 Wireless Controllers 3.5″ Black (XE800ZBA-HC1US)

Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Model VD.R05AP.002

Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset with 2 Wireless Controllers (XE800ZAA-HC1US)

  There are some other great goggles out there. Be sure to look for them at the address below, and you can also buy other daily necessities at amazon.

Lenovo Explorer, Headset for Windows Mixed Reality, Iron Grey, G0A20001WW

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