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 At this time of year, the spring fireworks display is held, but many fireworks displays have been cancelled at this time of year. For this reason, many fireworks fans may find it frustrating. But fireworks can also be enjoyed at home. Here’s a great video shot by fireworks fans around the world. You just need to be able to enjoy it at home. You won’t get caught up in crowds if you stay home. There are no transportation or accommodation costs. You can spend an elegant time while enjoying delicious food and drinks. There is no problem that you can only enjoy the fireworks from an angle because there are people in front of you and the seats are bad. A wonderful fireworks youtuber is sending out fireworks videos from a special seat. Today we’re going to show you a great 4K monitor to enjoy beautiful fireworks videos at home, 4K has significantly more pixels than wqhd, fullHD,HD, and you can see the detailed fireworks representation.
Here are some of the recommended manufacturers. First up is Phillips. It is stylish and well-designed, with good LCD functionality and excellent cost performance. The following products are equipped with IPS displays so that the colors of the fireworks are as clear as they really are. It also has a system to ensure that your eyes don’t get tired after looking at it for a long time. The new method of viewing is less tiring, even after a long time.

328p6vjeb/32″ Resolutions @ HZ 16: 9 

 Next, LG sells not only reasonable monitors, but also curved-surface monitors, ultra-thin monitors, and other products that stand out for their high level of technology. This monitor represents the true image of the video and the size of the monitor makes it easy to watch any video. And it’s not just for watching fireworks videos, it’s also for when you want to play a game. Depending on the genre of the game, you can choose Gamer mode, FPS mode or RTS mode and enjoy it with the best image.

LG 32UL750-W 32 Inch 4K UHD LED Monitor with Vesa Display HDR 600 (31.5″ Display) (2019), Silver

Finally, let me introduce you to Eizo. This company’s monitors are widely used in the production and medical fields that handle photos and videos because of their high color reproducibility. This display has auto-dimming and blue light cutting features and is very easy to use. This product is designed to be gentle on the body, with the Pepper mode cutting blue light by about 80% and warm colors compared to traditional monitors, so it is gentle on the eyes. In addition, the anti-glare treatment prevents the reflection of lighting and human shadows on the LCD screen, reducing stress caused by vision loss and fatigue caused by eye muscle strain.There are also a variety of other monitors available, so be sure to check them out.

EIZO FlexScan EV2785 27″ Professional IPS LCD Monitor 3840×2160 EV2785FX-BK

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