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Yamauchi fireworks

President:Hiroyuki Yamauchi

Yamauchi fireworks was founded by Sojiro Yamauchi in 1868. Sojiro was the first grantor to receive a license to make fireworks in Yamanashi. After that, Yuichi took over. Yuichi was so good with his hands that he was an excellent pyrotechnician and an incomparable firework lover that he was making votive fireworks when he was 15 years old. Between Yuichi and Oroku, Hiroshi, the current chairman of the company, was born. Hiroshi trained at the Oguchi pyrotechnics in Nagano Prefecture. Although he was the youngest and the newcomer at the time of his training, he was often talked to and cared for by the field staff, and he reminisces about those days. When the two returned from their training, Yamauchi fireworks was energized and began to take on the challenge of making new fireworks and gaining new clients.
 Hiroyuki Yamauchi was appointed president in 2011. Since becoming president, Hiroyuki has demonstrated three missions. They are “creation,” “research,” and “challenge. In both cases, the requirements for future fireworks companies were clarified in words. The company’s management philosophy is “A dream in the night sky, a moment of romance” and the employees and I worked together to make the move. Toshiyuki said, “Fireworks are boring if you don’t have fun. The best thing to do is to create fireworks that have a dream story and make the customers happy,” he says.
 There is a clear division of labor between siblings, so they understand and respect each other’s strengths and work hard together to improve their skills. They are really good friends and have never had a fight with each other. The younger brother, Toshiyuki, says, “My brother is excellent and has excellent management skills,” while the older brother, Hiroyuki, says, “My brother is a creator with good hands and technical skills. I don’t think there are many brothers who are so close to each other. They trust each other so much that they can be entrusted with their work.

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