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Saiki fireworks

President:Katsushi Saiki

 The first representative, Keikichi, was a pyrotechnician who sold fireworks to shrines in the Kiyosato, Komoro, and Suwa regions where there were no pyrotechnicians. He was also the leader of the fireworks crowds in the area and was granted a manufacturing license in 1901, much to the dismay of the pyrotechnicians.
 In 1984, Mr. Yoshihiko became the head of the fireworks shop, and at the same time, he named the company “Saiki Hanabi”.
 Saiki’s tradition was handed down to the fourth generation of representative Katsuji Saiki in 2010. In that year, the company upheld its management principles of “contributing to the community” and “bringing joy to all who watch fireworks”.
 He has been active in the area as an employee of the Youth Chamber of Commerce and has developed an eye for the outside world and an eye for business. He was a skiing alpine athlete in his elementary, middle and high school years. In high school, he became a member of the Yamanashi national team and participated in the National Athletic Meet. He decided to become a firework artist when he was in the upper grades of elementary school. He remembered the sight of the crowd applauding with joy at the fireworks at Kawaguchi Lake, which were set off by the Saiki fireworks. He helped with the family business during the busy summer months of middle school, high school, and college. After graduating from university, he joined Saiki Hanabi without any hesitation. As the heir to Saiki’s tradition, he is taught the mindset of a fourth-generation company representative.
 The Saiki pyrotechnics have a tradition of training excellent craftsmen. In Katsuji’s time, it could be said that it was Shigeo Iida, a young leader. After graduating from high school, he joined the Saiki Fireworks Company to become a pyrotechnician. He lives and works at the Saiki family for a year and a half. Yoshihiko drilled Saiki’s skills into him. Iida is curious and hates to be outdone. Under Tanaka’s leadership, he focused on developing new stars and improving the smoke-dragon that Yoshihiko had taught him. Iida said, “I’m really indebted to Chairman Yoshihiko and Saiki’s auntie. I want to show my gratitude with fireworks,” he said. For Katsuji, the presence of a right-hand man with high aspirations is important. Iida said, “I would like to give top priority to safety and protect Saiki’s technique. And I’m going to create a new Saiki firework,” he said enthusiastically. He is a dependable new leader.

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