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Shinohara fireworks

President:Shigeo Shinohara

 Shigeo Shinohara, the current owner of Shinohara fireworks, became interested in fireworks after meeting Tamon Aoki, who is nicknamed the god of fireworks, and seeing the fireworks he made. When Shigeo saw Aoki’s beautifully colored fireworks and the color scheme of the core, he thought, “The world of fireworks looks interesting too.
 Shigeo learned how to make fireworks from Kazuo, a mild-mannered firework enthusiast, and Tamon Aoki, who he says is a firework master. He said that Aoki gave him tips when he got stuck many times.
 Shinohara Shigeo now has two young disciples. It’s Naoya Fukuda and Junnosuke Iura. After studying in the U.S., Fukuda was fascinated by the allure of fireworks and decided to join Shinohara. After experiencing firework making in Niigata, Iura studied fireworks scientifically at the Ashikaga Institute of Technology. Later, he begged Shinohara to make him his apprentice because he wanted to master fireworks. Shigeo said, “Fireworks are unique only when they are 100% handmade. I want to raise young people who have a goal to make,” he said, coaching the two of them sternly. They had the Shinohara-ism in them by thoroughly hammering in fuselage making and star making, and both of them said, “Fireworks making, it’s great! He said in unison. Shinohara does not buy anything he can make himself, much less wholesale fireworks or imported balls. Shigeo said, “Efficiency is also important, but it’s normal for us to make things and say ‘what’s the point’. He is proud to have been making fireworks for more than 40 years, and he wants to continue making fireworks as a “lifelong firework maker. The more fireworks you make, the more you hit the wall. We will overcome this barrier and pursue an even more ideal form. This is Shigeo’s ideal of making fireworks, he says.
 Shigeo says that making fireworks is “a hobby”. Let’s have some fun! Let’s play! I’m working on making fireworks,” he says to himself. He says he feels the greatest happiness when the work he put his heart and soul into turns out the way he wants it to. You could say that Shigeo is a dreamer and a romantic.

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