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Beniya aoki fireworks

President:Akio Aoki

 Mr. Akio Aoki, the current representative of the fireworks shop, is also the president of the Japan Fireworks Art Association and a leading figure in the world of fireworks. He also received the Prime Minister’s Award in Omagari and Tsuchiura. Aoki’s fireworks are well known for their work called “Yubae no Yasashi”. Aoki was so impressed by the palm trees he saw on his trip abroad that he wanted to make fireworks out of them. He also creates various shapes of fireworks mainly for local fireworks festivals. It’s a really interesting film, with mushrooms and characters from the local TV station.
 Another noteworthy presence in the Aoki fireworks is Hideo Hirayama. When he was a company employee in Tokyo, he saw a fireworks display in Yamagata Prefecture on a trip and was so shocked that he began to visit other fireworks displays around the country. In addition to being obsessed with the appeal of the Music Star Mine performance, the combination of music and fireworks made me see the potential for a new business. Hirayama felt strongly that he wanted to do this production the way he wanted, but he was a complete amateur when it came to fireworks, so he took a job at Aoki’s fireworks shop to learn from the basics. Hirayama, a native of Fukuoka, has no connection to Nagano, but when he learned about Aoki Hanabi, a traditional fireworks shop that has a reputation both in Japan and abroad, he decided to bet on his dream without hesitation.
For Aoki, Hirayama’s joining the company must have been an opportunity to open up a new field. For fireworks fans, the musical star mine produced by Hirayama is also the center of attention. From the local fireworks display in Nagano, Japan, to Sapporo, Yamagata, Ibaraki, Shizuoka, and even Kumamoto, Kyushu, he travels all over Japan. It’s not easy to go to see fireworks all over the country because it’s a huge investment of time and money, but still, the fireworks at Hirayama show everything you see a form of fireworks you’ve never seen before.We, the fireworks enthusiasts, think, “I’m glad I came all the way to this fireworks display, so I’ll be able to see it here again next year. He is one of the people who can fuse Japanese fireworks technology with the world’s fireworks technology and open up a new world using not only fireworks but also special effects such as music, laser, flame and confetti. He is now a leading figure in the fireworks industry in Singapore and Saudi Arabia as a general fireworks director. You can’t take your eyes off the “Hirayama World”, the fireworks world that Hirayama creates.

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