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Nomura fireworks

President:Yoichi Nomura

 The Prime Minister’s Award, the highest honor of the fireworks competition, has been given only to the Omagari and Tsuchiura competitions. An amazing company that has won the award more than 15 times in both of these competitions is Nomura Hanabi Kogyo. That’s why it’s called the strongest fireworks company in Japan.
 In 2005, he exhibited the first-ever six concentric circles of fireworks in Omagari, and from then on, the flowers of the Nomura era began to bloom. The following year, he appeared on NHK’s “Professional: The Way of Work” and in 2008, he appeared in a commercial for Kirin Beer. Many fireworks enthusiasts may have vividly documented the scene where the fireworks were set off in unison on the Oarai beach and Yoichi Nomura drank a pint of fresh beer.
 Yoichi Nomura has decided to resign from all of his positions as a permanent member of the Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry and president of the Ibaraki Prefecture Explosives Safety Association until the spring of 2015 to focus on fireworks. He says that he will break away from the restraints and face the end of his life. I want to make another flower bloom without being arrogant and with humility,” he says enthusiastically.
 Nomura Fireworks is a fireworks company that was founded in 1875. The first representative, Mura Shige, was an eye doctor, businessman, swordsman, and pyrotechnician, and had many faces. At the time, his lifestyle was so interesting that it was even serialized in the Ibaraki Shimbun.
 Shinichi the second president also played the shakuhachi and sang. He was also a style person who painted Japanese paintings. It was said that “Nomura’s fireworks have a certain flavor”.
 As a soldier in World War II, Yasuhisa achieved a miraculous return to Manchuria and New Guinea, and in gratitude for this, he worked hard to create fireworks. It can be said that Yasuhisa was the one who realized the foundation of Nomura Fireworks.
 Yoichi, the fourth generation, was appointed president in 1989. Yoichi says that the basics of all fireworks were taught to him by his father, Yasuhisa. Yoichi said, “Don’t try to imitate people. Stick to your point! He is proud of his motto, “Fireworks are the Nomura way”. Since the first generation, the Nomura family has followed the Nomura style, not going anywhere for training. He is now the most awarded pyrotechnician in the fireworks industry with the Prime Minister’s Award, the highest title in Japan.
 Yoichi Nomura says, “No fireworks are perfect. And, he said, “It’s always a cycle of improvement. When we are unconvinced about fireworks, we thoroughly pursue the cause and improve it. They are highly idealistic, yet highly problem-conscious. In addition, I am afraid that they are not satisfied. The Nomura-ism is enshrined in the company’s employees.
 There are two young pyrotechnicians at the helm of today’s Nomura Hanabi Kogyo: the factory manager, Yuichi Nihori, and the former factory manager, Shinobu Yamaguchi, both of whom Yoichi fully trusts as pyrotechnicians, ideas and directors. Yoichi said, “Individuality and sensitivity are important in making fireworks. The two have been working together since their twenties to create tasteful works of art. They’re now in their 40s at their most working and able to express their adult world,” he squinted. The two of them formed a team to decide on the work. Yoichi said, “In this day and age, what a pyrotechnician needs is total artistic ability. You can’t just make fireworks. Even if it’s just planning and ideas, you can’t do it. We are developing such all-round players who can produce computers, make plans, and make fireworks. That’s why we don’t have a division of labor system, but rather let one person create everything according to his or her image. A work of art can be done better if it is done alone. This is a very typical Nomura way of thinking.
 According to Nomura, “Management must create an environment in which employees can work hard on their own initiative. The company’s philosophy is to create an environment where employees can work comfortably and come up with plans because the work gives the audience dreams and excitement. In the course of creating a work of art, employees would ask for capital investment in this way, or to make their own small flammable tubes, or to establish a new workshop to improve the manufacturing process. It’s a good thing if it’s cost effective and the result is that Nomura Fireworks is appreciated. Naturally, we will work together with our employees to improve our management, giving priority to cost-effectiveness while making improvements. Yoichi’s management philosophy of developing employees’ autonomy and individuality is “a company that only exists because of its employees.

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